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Today was Kathy's birthday!

It had seemed wrong to Alluka to not do something for it and, when she'd brought it up to Ringo, Ringo had agreed willingly enough. Deciding what to do was harder, though, since they couldn't go visit her grave (Alluka still didn't really understand why anyone would want to visit a piece of stone with a date on it anyway; visiting a stone wouldn't be visiting Kathy after all).

Figuring out what to wear was, for once, the easiest part of it. Kathy had loved bright colours, so that's what they wore. In honor of Kathy, Alluka even wore a pair of the pastel pants Kathy had given her way back when, despite the fact that Alluka didn't really care for pants.

Alluka had eaten a healthy breakfast, and lunch, both healthy by Kathy's standards, not hers, and Ringo had then decided they were going to practice some AT tricks up on rooftops that were more varied than the ones on Fandom.

Which, despite having the universe at their fingertips, somehow or other, it had wound up with them out in Baltimore.

Which was fun, though also a little scary.

"What if they notice us?" Alluka asked, peering down at the street. There were so many people there! And she didn't recognize any of them! That never happened on the island these days. Even if she didn't know someone to talk to them, she recognized them.

[OOC: Backdated because LJ wouldn't let me post yesterday and it's a date sensitive post. LJ, you're the worst. :| For Ringo, please.]
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It was pie giving day again!

This was good, since Alluka had gotten a message from Kathy, and this kept her from thinking things like 'maybe Kathy is sick because Anders said I couldn't send a friend for her to hug', which was a completely illogical thought, but one that kept sneaking in around things. She'd tuned out about half a minute into the talk about zombies (boooring; she didn't want to listen to Kathy lecture her on something like that!) and even though Kathy had looked really sick, she believed her when Kathy had said she'd be better soon.

Kathy had never lied to her.

But still, Alluka felt funny and antsy if she thought about Kathy for too long, so pie day? Best day ever! To the locker!

"Do you think the locker will like the apple cranberry pie we made for it?" she asked Mabel.

[For Mabel only, please!]
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It was easy to tell when the master of the house arrived. Most of the butlers discreetly disappeared while he strode through the halls of the mansion. His power rippled around him, not doing anything, but present. He moved like he was a mountain and that the world moved at his whims.

He was a very tall man, and large too, though it was a largeness of muscle and strength. He had long, pale hair, and cold blue eyes.

He judged those who were their... visitors... with a glance. Nothing interesting, except for the one who covered his face. That one had power. Not enough.

But some.

"I am Silva Zoldyck," he said, without preamble. "Why are you here?"

Jono looked up at Silva, noting just how much power was radiating off of him in waves. )

[NFI, NFB. Pre-played with the most fabulous [ profile] soniaroadsqueen, [ profile] spin_kick_snap, [ profile] never_dull, [ profile] furnaceface, and [ profile] not_every_mage!]
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The bus wound through the mountain path, which was lush with greenery, until they approached the mountain. The tour guide spoke up again, once they'd all gotten off the bus. Tourists were taking pictures in front of the doors and laughing and talking amongst themselves.

"This is the front gate of the Zoldyck estate! Also known as the Door to Hades because no one who's entered has ever returned alive. To enter, you must pass through the door beside the security checkpoint. But the area beyond the gate is private property, so we can't proceed."

Yeah. Well. Apparently it didn't much matter to the Fandomites whether it was private property or not. )
[NFI, NFB. Pre-played with the most excellent [ profile] soniaroadsqueen, [ profile] rhymeswithtable, [ profile] spin_kick_snap, [ profile] never_dull, [ profile] furnaceface, and [ profile] not_every_mage!]
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The tour bus was well maintained, large, and rather spacious as far as things went. At the front of the bus, the tour guide stood and rattled off facts about where they were going.

"Thank you for taking the Lamentation Tour today. We will be visiting Kukuroo Mountain, home to the famous Zoldyck family of assassins.

"Everyone, please look to your right. That is the Kukuroo Mountain, where the Zoldyck family lives. A forest surrounds the 3,722-meter mountain, and the Zoldyck estate is somewhere on that mountain. But no one has ever actually seen it. The Zoldyck family includes ten members: a great-grandfather, grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, and then, there are five children. All of them are assassins!"

Given where the bus was heading, it was surprisingly full...

Okay, so a tour bus of people going to visit a household of assassins was kind of weird. )

[NFI, NFB. Pre-played with the most excellent [ profile] spin_kick_snap, [ profile] never_dull, [ profile] furnaceface, and [ profile] not_every_mage!]
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She, she was back in her room!

Mommy and Daddy had scolded her for being a bad girl but, after she'd explained, they patted her on the head and said they understood and that she hadn't been that bad. So they'd given her new toys, and new clothes, and walked her back down to her room.

She'd even gotten to hold her daddy's hand on the way down.

Her room was much the way she'd left it, though someone had cleaned up her tea party and put all her toys neatly on the shelves.

Alluka rubbed sleep out of her eyes and looked around her room and didn't know what to feel. She didn't want to play, though, so she got dressed, ate breakfast when it came, and then picked up one of her toys and hugged it to her chest.

It was really quiet, without anyone around. But she had to be good, and she'd promised to be good, and she liked her room a lot, she really did!

She took a seat amongst her toys and listened to them talk. They'd missed her. They wanted to know where her bunny had gone.

"Sorry," she said, hugging one of her new toys tighter. It still smelled new, rather than like her. "I, I didn't get a chance to bring the bunny back with me. Um, but, but there's people who'll look after him, so it's okay. And, and there are other friends who'll keep him company too. So, so he won't be lonely."

Oh. Her hands were shaking. She didn't know why. Alluka hugged her toys tighter and reminded herself that it was okay, everything was fine, and she was being good. That was for the best, right? It was.

It was.

[Establishy & NFB.]
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They were having a tea party!

... which was honestly a rather frequent thing, between her and Mabel, but Alluka didn't mind.

What was different was that it had been a nice enough day that Mabel had suggested they take it all outside, so they'd brought a blanket down to the park, along with all the things they needed--or so they'd thought.

She had her new friends lined up around their 'table' (they were still learning the art of how to tea party properly), her fancy party hat and boa on, and surveyed their offerings seriously.

"Mabel," she said, "do you think we're missing anything? We've got tea, sugar, milk, chocolate, cookies..."

... This was not the healthiest of tea parties, no.

Mabel, meanwhile, was wearing the fanciest sweater… )

[Preplayed with the most excellent and fabulous [ profile] rhymeswithtable and [ profile] soniaroadsqueen! NFI.]
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It was glorious. There were banners and balloons, battlements and buttresses. And toys.

There were so many toys.

The two girls had known that they were in for an adventure when Locky had sucked them in, but they really hadn't predicted that they'd have a rubber duck escort to the castle of the ailing King Kaleidoscope, the somewhat colourful lord of the realm of the toys.

Not that they objected to any of this. Especially not with the way everyone treated them like they were long-lost friends, family even, that had to be welcomed back excitedly. They were friendly girls and people being friendly back only made sense to them, even when it was the King of Toylandia who greeted them as such.

"Is that at real crown?" Alluka had wanted to know. The King assured her that it was.

"Heey, nice," Mabel decided, leaning over to appreciate the bedazzling appreciatively. Mabel loved a good bedazzling. "And is that a real throne?"

The king assured her that it was quite real, as well.

Alluka duly admired that too. "Can, can we sit on it?"

The King thought about it and then took his crown off his head and broke it in two. They gasped in impressed surprise as the crown wriggled, and squiggled, and reformed into two separate bedazzled crowns and set one on each of their heads. Then he waved for them to go and sit on the throne.

The entire court stared in awe as the two girls both made their way to the throne, one boosting the other into the seat, and then getting a hand up into it herself.

The girls started in awe as, once they were settled, the entire court fell to their knees (or squeaky appendage equivalents) and bowed.

The king, meanwhile, did a little jig at the front of the room, clicking his heels together and everything before he made a beeline for the door.

"I'm finally free to go on that vacation to Candyland! Bye, suckers!"

A handful of lollipops in the old King's entourage began to silently weep.

With a trumpet in hand a herald (who was also a skip-it, that had eyes) announced: "The King is dead!" Even though he wasn't. "Long live the Queens!"

"Long live the Queens!" echoed the court.

The new Queens blinked.

[NFB! For the other queen! Er. The one who co-wrote this post. Not any other queens.]
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It was pie giving day to the locker!

At least, that was what Mabel had told Alluka when Alluka had gotten back from work and making cookies with Jono and Hannibal.

Since it was pie giving day, and Alluka had never given pie to a locker before, Mabel had invited her along. Alluka had taken the time to introduce her toys to all her other toys, then tucked the baby flower into her pocket and trooped off with Mabel.

"Do lockers like a certain kind of pie best?" she asked. "Is there a reason today is pie giving day?"

[For Mabel! Who is joining Alluka on a week-long adventure in a locker! Everything once they're inside the locker is NFB!]
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Alluka had totally lost all track of time.

Which… wasn’t… really surprising, given how she’d grown up. It was like she’d blinked and weeks had gone by without her noticing.

Oh well. It probably wasn’t important anyway. Besides, there were more important things to do. Super important things! Sneaky things! She was the cleverest!

She crawled out from under her bed (why was she under her bed? The more important question was why wouldn’t she be under her bed!) and looked over at Mabel.

"Mabel!" she whispered. Loudly. "Mabel!"

[For ze roomie first, but open after, sure!]
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It was before four in the morning when Alluka woke up completely and suddenly and in a great mood.

Given her roommate, this wasn’t nearly as disastrous as it could be, had she been with other people. With Mabel, in fact, it wasn’t disastrous at all. In the weeks since Mabel had shown up, the rather bare room had begun to take on a lot of colour. (No one was really going to mind that they’d drawn on the walls, right? Or stuck stickers all around her bed, right?)

That meant that when Alluka woke up with the urge for a tea party, she scrambled out of bed without fear and launched herself over to Mabel’s bed also without fear.

And singing. She didn’t usually sing when she woke Mabel up, but it wasn’t weird enough for Alluka to notice as being something the island had decided either. Singing was fun! Mabel would like being woken up that way!

Let's all sing like the birdies sing,
Tweet, tweet tweet, tweet tweet.
Let's all sing like the birdies sing,
Sweet, sweet sweet, sweet sweet.
Let's all warble like nightingales,
Give your throat a treat.
Take your time from the birds,
Now you all know the words,
Tweet, tweet tweet, tweet tweet.”

Good morning, Mabel!

[For the roomie!]
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A bird had flown past her window!

Which was probably not all that exciting, given that birds likely flew past her window all the time, but it was the first time that Alluka had noticed. Which made it momentous!

Which meant she had had to drag her desk over so that it was properly under the window and then she'd clambered up onto her desk, clutching Bubbles tightly, and then she'd gotten the window open and now was leaning out of it to see if she could find the bird.

She hadn't found the bird, but she'd discovered that the view was pretty exciting when looked at from this perspective. The world was pretty fascinating, she'd found. Always something else to look at.

[Open door & post!]
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There were an awful lot of fairy tales where the princess just had to wait and wait and wait and eventually things would happen and everything would be better. Alluka did not truly believe in fairy tales, though she wanted to, rather desperately, but she had a lot of practice with the waiting part.

More than most of the princesses in the stories, really, since a lot of them had at least been given chores.

Which wasn't really the point of anything, except that when she felt lost and confused, it was terribly easy to go back to her room and stay there, with her only company being her toys and Nanika. And if Nanika stole her place now and then, to play with her toys, that was alright, since it just meant that she got to sleep.

It was also terribly easy to pretend that the world was narrowed down to just her room again (aside from trips to the bathroom and to pillage food from the common room, which she did grudgingly, since it highlighted changes that Alluka was not in the mood to deal with) and that, if she waited long enough, somehow her confusion would ease.

It hadn't yet, but Alluka was patient. She sat on the floor with her toys and waited.

[Post open, door closed.]
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Alluka surveyed the empty side of her room seriously. Her panda was on her lap. Her bunny and her giraffe were hiding under her pillow. (The pillow was doing a rather poor job of hiding them, but all of them present in the room had agreed to pretend.)

"I think," she said, "that you need your own bed!"

"My own bed?" the panda asked happily.

"Yup!" Alluka said and, suiting action to words, she bounced over and set the panda on the bed. As the panda flailed its arms happily, Alluka was thoughtful. "Do you like it?" she asked.

"Like it!" the panda chirped back at her.

"Okay," Alluka said, though she thought it was awfully bare and kinda lonely looking on that side of the room, now that her panda was over there. "Can I come and visit with you?"

"Come and visit!"

So Alluka fetched her bunny, and Bubbles the giraffe and let them know about her panda's new home and that they were all going to visit her.

It was much friendlier with all of them on the bed, as they talked to each other. It was a lot like a tea party, just without the tea.

(Alluka was very good at entertaining herself.)

[Door cracked, post is open!]
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Alluka was waiting!

She was actually really, really good at waiting, so it didn't bother her to do it. Besides, she had a very important task ahead of her to figure out before Ringo and Mabel showed up.

(She was mostly sure they were going to show up. Sure, they'd said they would, but her brother, Killua, said he would too and then she always had to wait forever… but eventually, she supposed, everyone would show up the way they were supposed to. Which… took a lot of wind out of that complaint, it really did.)

Today, she had her hair up in twin pigtails and was wearing one of the skirt and shirt combos that Kathy had bought her as she paced back and forth in front of her bed, deep in thought.

On the bed, three stuffed animals surveyed her deliberations with great seriousness. (Or, well, she pretended they did anyway.)

The first, and most difficult, question of the day was: which toy was coming with her on this very exciting trip into town?

Bunny, giraffe, or panda?

[Expecting two, but open, sure!]
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So the picnic had been the super most exciting thing ever, but Sunday had come and left Alluka feeling droopy and tired and she'd spent most of the day sleeping, thanks to be exhausted from having been over-stimulated (she'd gotten two hugs from people and also gotten to hug both a pig and a funny-looking bird!) , and now Monday was here and she…

Her half of the room was empty of personal things, except for her and her (very glittery) bunny and she didn't have so much as a hairbrush or a tea set or any of her other toys and everyone had made it sound like she was allowed to go outside like everyone else but…

Well, Alluka hadn't quite made up her mind on that yet. It seemed a bit… weird… to leave her (new and rather boring) room through a door to go further than the bathroom. On the other hand, the principal had given her permission to go to town…

Alluka hugged her bunny, sat cross-legged on her bed, and thought about the door since she had nothing else to think about.

Doors were pretty scary, weren't they? She hadn't really noticed that before.

[Door cracked, post open! Note: Kathy's thread comes chronologically last, please!]
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There was a Very Important Tea Party going on in her room today. Alluka had carefully put out her favourite tea set at the table and had deliberated for ages about which of her toys deserved a seat before picking out the usual suspects.

She made certain that she looked super cute--it was important to look cute for parties, right?--and doled out the tea and snacks with careful deliberation. (And if she was a bit stingy with how many snacks her toys got… they weren't going to eat them anyway. Alluka knew that from experience.)

It was a Very Important Party, but it was much the same as any other day that she held a party. It would have been disappointing, but she didn't let it be.

Everything was the same, right up until she'd finished her first cup of tea and had stolen the cup from the toy on the left to drink that too, when a shimmery, swirly thing appeared in the middle of her rooms. Alluka's eyes went huge in surprise.

Was this a new present? She grabbed the toy on her right--one of her bunnies--and hugged it to her chest as she went to inspect the shiny thing. Poking at it didn't shock her or hurt her at all, and her finger sank a tiny bit into the swirls.

Alluka looked down at her bunny and pretended it looked back at her. "You first," Alluka said, bouncing. "You can tell me about what's on the other side."

And if she lost the bunny, oh well, there were more where that one had come from. She had plenty of toys.

Taking a deep breath, Alluka gingerly held her bunny by the ears and shoved it through the swirly thing. It went through easily, but in her eagerness, she managed to stumble over her own two feet and… oops, she went in right after her bunny.

Alluka was saved from landing flat on her face simply by virtue of having flailed enough that she landed, hard, on her arms instead. And right on top of her stuffed bunny. "Your nose hurts," she complained, sitting up and brushing dirt off her sleeves, before picking up the bunny to do the same to it.

Wait a second. Dirt?

Alluka blinked. Then blinked again. Was--was she outside? She looked behind her, but the shiny thing was gone, giving her instead a dazzling view of water, and grass, and the sky.

"I'm outside!" she squealed, and turned around.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, Alluka knew that she was going to be in so much trouble later. But the swirly thing had appeared in her room. Maybe she was still in her room. Maybe her parents would believe tha--

A building in the distance caught her eye. "There's a castle!?"

[For one!]
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"Whaaa-? I missed your call? That's terrible! Please call me back! I'll answer this time, I promise! I want to talk to you!"


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